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Going Green Made Affordable: Optimize Solar Solutions' Solar Electricity Grant Program

Grants in a Minute

The Sustainable Energy Authorities of Ireland [SEAI] provides the funding for your new solar photovoltaic panels, and nearly all residences occupied before the year 2021 are eligible.

The amount you receive is determined by the size of the system you have installed, as measured by the peak power output of your solar panels [in kilowatts / kWp].

System Dimension Grant Worth Solar-Panel Arrays
2.5 kWp 1,950 Euros ~12 m2
6 to 8 panels
3.0 kWp 2,100 Euros ~14 m2
7 to 10 panels
3.5 kWp 2,250 Euros ~17 m2
8 to 12 panels
4.0 kWp 2,400 Euros ~19 m2
9 to 13 panels
The highest grant is 2,400 euros. This amount is still given to larger installations.

Other items installed [such as immersion diverters and batteries] have no effect on the grant amount.

The grant is given to a homeowner as a one-time payment after all work is done.

Do I qualify for a grant?

To be eligible for the grant, you must meet a number of requirements.

  1. The solar photovoltaic system installation site must be a personal home.
  2. The client must be the current owner of the residence.
  3. The building must have been constructed and inhabited on or before Dec 31st, 2020. The installation date of your electricity meter determines when your house was constructed.
  4. Each household can only receive the photovoltaic solar grant once. If you move, you can acquire it again, [provided your new home does not already have photovoltaic panels installed].
  5. Make use of a SEAI-registered solar firm [we are a legal company].
  6. Utilize newly installed materials and products and have work completed to SEAI standards.
  7. After the work is completed, use a BER evaluator from SEAI's National Registry to obtain a BER certificate.

What is the value of the grant?

The total amount of grant assistance supplied is determined by the total size of the installation. It is calculated using the peak generation capability of your solar arrays, which is typically expressed in kilowatts or kWp.

How the grant value is determined:

  • 900 euros for each kWp for the very first 2 kWp.
  • 300 euros for each extra kWp, up to a maximum of 4 kWp.
  • A total solar PV incentive of 2,400 euros is available if you have a 4 kWp or more.


  • A grant of 1800 euros would be provided for a 2 kWp framework.
  • A grant of 2,100 euros would be provided for a 3 kWp system.
  • 4 kWp framework (or anything bigger) would get 2400 euros of grant support.

Only the actual expense will be repaid when the level of spending falls below the optimum grant value.

What expenses are covered by the solar photovoltaic grant?

The grant can be utilized to purchase and install a solar photovoltaic system on your property, including labor and equipment.

What about immersion diverters, batteries, and so on?

The grant value you receive is only conditional on the installation of solar panels; there is no additional grant for items such as immersion diverters and batteries.

The SEAI used to offer a subsidy for solar battery storage, but it was cancelled a few years back.

How can I determine what size system will be best for my home?

If you want a rough guess, see our Guide to Photovoltaic Solar Prices for Houses. It includes sample estimates for a variety of home sizes and shapes, so you can get a sense of what would fit in what size house.

For a more precise estimate, we will gladly provide you with your own personalized quote for an installation of solar panels. As a step in the procedure, one of our specialists will visit your home and perform an on-site evaluation. We study and consider criteria such as your energy expenses, when you consume energy, the age as well as condition of your home, and so on. We also look at the roof's construction, the building's orientation, the angle of the roof, as well as any local shading impacts from trees or surrounding structures. We use specialized solar software applications to find the best solution for you as well as your property in order to maximize your energy efficiency.

We don't hire flashy salespeople. First and foremost, our technical professionals are there to provide the right advice. We will examine your situation and present to you all your alternatives. We will assist you in determining the finest solar PV system for your goals and then provide you with a quote for your solar photovoltaic [PV] system. We do not mind if you do not enlist us; we're content knowing you were properly instructed and that you're doing your part to help the environment.

Can I acquire a solar photovoltaic system with a capacity greater than 4 kWp?

You certainly can. Nevertheless, the award will only support the system's initial 4 kWp. Additional kWp are not eligible for grant relief.

Is the grant only for rooftop solar photovoltaic panels?

The solar photovoltaic scheme also accommodates ground-mount PV systems that meet the parameters of the solar photovoltaic scheme.

Do I require planning clearance to install photovoltaic panels in order to earn a grant?

No, SEAI grant authorization is not dependent on planning approval.

But what precisely are the procedures for obtaining planning clearance for household solar panels?

Solar panel installation on private property is excluded from planning authorization. Since October 7th, 2022, there has been no limit to the size of solar panels that can be mounted on the rooftops of residences everywhere in the nation. Solar panel installations will be capable of completely covering a house's roof. The old 12 m2 or 50 percent roof limit for houses has been lifted nationwide.

There are, however, some exceptions. Properties in solar protection zones, for example, may be required to obtain planning clearance under particular conditions. Solar safeguarding areas are required to handle aviation safety issues because of the unexpected impact of glare and glint caused by expanding solar development near hospitals and airports [which possess helipads].

Our specialists will be available to help you and guide you on planning permit requirements.

Additional information on solar panel planning permission in Ireland

How can I submit a grant application for solar PV?

  1. Choose a solar installation firm.

    Before you can submit an application, you need a signed agreement with a SEAI-authorized solar panel installer [like us]. To qualify for the SEAI photovoltaic grant, the contractor you choose must be accredited with the SEAI.

  2. Apply on the SEAI website.

    Submit your application on the SEAI's official site for the solar energy grant. Our SEAI Solar Photovoltaic Grant Application Manual can assist you with the application procedure. It's simple, and we're here to help if you have any questions. The approval is usually almost instantaneous; most customers will get an email in a matter of minutes stating that their SEAI solar photovoltaic panels grant has been accepted. This approval is required before any work may begin.

  3. Get your solar panels installed.

    Following that, your solar panels will be installed as well as "commissioned," which is just a fancy name for conducting the regular testing and turning on your new system.

  4. Documentation on our end and the new BER certification.

    We can submit our papers to the SEAI agency as soon as your PV system becomes operational. This is to indicate to the SEAI confirming that we, as an SEAI-licensed solar installer, have installed your system and it is operational.

    A post-works BER certification with your new enhanced building energy rating is also required.

  5. Collect your grant fee.

    It usually takes them about 6 weeks from the time they receive that confirmation before the money gets into your account.

What relevant information is required to apply?

  1. The MPRN [Meter Point Reference No]. This 11-digit number appears on your electric bill.SEAI will utilize the address linked with the MPRN as the contact address for all postal communications. You must ensure that the information registered on ESB systems for this Meter Point Reference Number is correct and up-to-date.
  2. The year your home was constructed and inhabited [must be during or before December 31st, 2020].
  3. Your chosen registered solar panel installation company.
  4. Specifics about the system that will be installed
  5. The email you can be reached at.

Private individuals must submit applications, not businesses or contractors. We understand how frightening and confusing these things can appear, so our kind and knowledgeable team will be available to help you through the entire process.

Step 1: Basic Information